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Customer Satisfaction Survey

This survey will help us establish meaningful feedback of your experience as our customer.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below in order to help us maintain, and or improve our ability to serve your company.

Please also consider adding comments, will post these comments both encouraging and constructive, to create a connection between all of our employees and our customers.

I hope you will find this survey to be a little bit different than most.

Peter D. Roy, P Eng

1 - We are available and accessible to receive and discuss your orders?

2 - Reliability or our confirmed delivery commitments?

3 - Communication of warning when delivery dates need to be revised?

4 - Your confidence that products will arrive meeting your requirements?

5 - When problems do occur, you are satisfied with our responsiveness?

6 - You know who to contact within our company for any given concern?

7 - You are confident that we understand your requirements?

8 - You will continue to use and recommend us as a supplier?

9 - The service and value we offer helps you to better serve your customers?

10 - This survey has assisted you to describe your customer experience?

Please add any further comments to help us continually improve our level of services.

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